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Susann Wuschko

Since 2006 I welcome guests not only from Germany but from all over the world in our beautiful city of Dresden. I would like to show you the beauty of that historical place with its culture, its museums and arts in the way of telling the stories behind- it´s not always the dates that made it important but what was the background of it.


I will tell you why Dresden is also called "Elbflorenz" or why our "Church of our Lady" is a symbol for reunification. There´s also hard times to talk about, for example the destruction of that city in just one night -and the long way back to that pearl at river Elbe that it is today.


Let´s take a walk through history.



 I offer all of my German Tours in English, too.


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Church of our Lady Foto: S.Wuschko
Church of our Lady

A classical walking tour through the Historical Oldtown


Dresden is known for the Historical Oldtown and its monuments, for example the Zwinger or Semper Opera- or in the last years for the reconstructed Church of our Lady. In a 2hours walking tour I will show you not only the obvious sights but also the little stories behind.


This tour is just an example, I am looking forward to your requests.


Date and time by arrangement. 


Daily walking tours with Dresdenwalks


If you are in Dresden just for a short visit the best way to explore the historical city centre is a public walking tour, offered by Dresdenwalks. I´m one of the guides who will show you the beautiful oldtown- whether by walking or as a new option- by bike. For further information please check our website: www.dresdenwalks.com